H.n.h. announces the closure of the Best Western Quid Hotel Trento

The Quid Hotel Trento and the annex Mover restaurant stop the business.

The decision, decreed by the inability to find a sustainable agreement on the building’rent where these activities are exercised, is announced by the Managing Director of H.n.h. Group, Luca Boccato.

H.n.h. explained the reasons that led the company to such a resolution in a public statement published in the press on December 22nd 2016, in order to guarantee the maximum transparency of its conduct, in full compliance with the 32 workers employed (26 by H.n.h. Trento s.r.l., a subsidiary of H.n.h. and 6 by the H.n.h. company supplier for the room cleaning service).

A choice that comes at the end of a wearying process to negotiate the lease agreements with the ownership of the properties within which Quid Hotel and Mover carried on the hospitality and restaurant business. A process that has seen H.n.h. go through all the possible ways to prevent the closure of the company established with an investment of over one million Euros and the inevitable surrender in the face of unsustainable demanded leases, even in consideration of the Interporto development area, that fell short the initial expectations.

Over the six years of operation, the Quid Hotel Trento, under the Best Western brand, has been characterized by the quality of services offered, establishing itself as one of the best hotels in Trento in terms of customer satisfaction: awarded in 2012 among the Travellers Choice® Awards as 'trendiest Hotel in Italy', the fifth hotel of 36 in the ranking on Tripadvisor in the city of Trento and achieving a score of 8.7 on

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Friday, 23 December, 2016