H.n.h. increases its stake in Santelena 2000 to 100% and reorganises the corporate structure

H.n.h s.r.l. has completed its acquisition of 35% of shares in the company Santelena 2000 s.r.l and the merger by incorporation of the same and its subsidiary company, Gorizia Palace s.r.l., into H.n.h.

The transaction means that H.n.h’s stake in the company goes from 65% to 100%, giving it full control of Santelena 2000 and, indirectly, of Gorizia Palace, which in turn is 100% owned by Santelena 2000. The two companies manage and own the properties of the Hotel Sant'Elena in Venice and the Gorizia Palace in Gorizia, both of which operate under the Best Western trademark. On the completion of the merger by incorporation of Santelena 2000 and Gorizia Palace into H.n.h., the latter sold the hotel property in Gorizia, continuing however to manage the hotel with a new lease agreement.

This merger strengthens and simplifies the corporate structure of the H.n.h. Group in areas that are considered strategic and is congruous with a development plan that aims to shift the focus of the H.n.h Group's business activities from real estate to administration and hotel management; says the CEO Luca Boccato.

Data news: 
Wednesday, 28 December, 2016