Product segmentation, a multi-brand portfolio

The group’s continuous growth between 2005 and 2010 resulted in the creation of two very different product categories: the city hotels, catering to the needs of business clients and leisure travelers in the cultural tourism niche segment; the resort Hotels, all located in Jesolo, designed specifically to suit the taste and requirements of a leisure clientele.

The city Hotels, located in Venice, Venice-Mestre, Venice Airport, Trento, Gorizia and Verona, are marketed using a multi-brand strategy. We link the Hotel’s image to a strong internationally recognized brand, guarantor of high standards of quality; from this operating perspective, the Group has entered into a strategic partnership with prestigious Hotel chains like BEST WESTERN and Spacehotels-Supranational.

Our resort hotels, on the other hand, are managed independently. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on the attention to details and quality of service. By choosing to operate in a completely different market context form the city hotels, we succeeded in maintaining a substantial clients’ portfolio and a high percentage of regular guests.